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Discover the local cuisine of Tallahassee and staples that make the dining experience unique to our city!

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Tallahassee Foodies

A community is full of fun, positivity, and amazing local eats! Discover Tallahassee staples, local restaurant announcements and events with Tallahassee Foodies!


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College Town

FSU College Town is located just two blocks from the FSU campus, College Town will provide a pedestrian friendly place for a variety of dining options and shopping.


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Visit Tallahasee | Eat & Drink

Blending traditional southern cuisine and modern eateries with fresh, farm-to-table fare and craft breweries, Tallahassee is a true epicurean experience. With flavors as unique as the chefs that create them, satisfy your palette at any of our mouth-watering dining options.


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Seminole Dining

Seminole Dining is proudly partnered with Aramark to bring diversity and innovation to the dining program at FSU. Aramark creates dining experiences based on social interaction, global research, and expert dietitian guidance to ensure the very best for the community and student success.